Saturday, 29 October 2011

REVIEW: Sarah Gruen - Water for Elephants

I bought Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen so long ago I've forgotten how and where I got my copy, it is one of those novels that's been on my 'need to read' list forever and finally made its way to the top last week! I have heard nothing but praise and love for this novel and had huge expectations for it when I started reading, I have to say, it absolutely exceeded every single thought and expectation I had. Incredible.

The plot itself is so enchanting and captivating I literally couldn't put the book down! It came everywhere with me, work, uni, my boyfriends... everywhere! I was finding myself picking it up and reading the odd paragraph between serving customers! It really does fall into the category of a 'can't put it down' book, in every sense!

I immediately fell in love with Jacob, as the protagonist I found him adorable, he was loving and emotional yet had a hard harsh quality about him (which only flashed up in certain circumstances) that made him all the more endearing. His protective nature is the kind which I find myself captured by whenever a character possesses it. Marlena was equally impressive. I was worried before I read the novel, about how I would percieve her, I can't quite explain it but I was half expecting her to come across as a pathetic (in the emotional sense!) character in some ways. I can assure you this is not how she came accross to me in the end at all! She's such a strong woman with a bit of a fiery temper particularly on one occaision near the end I actually found myself thinking 'I wish I could be like that!'.

The plot itself was fantastic, the setting and environment in which the novel takes place is just magical and the circus environment is one which I found really gripping and consuming.

Over all I literally cannot find a bad word or criticism for this novel, I loved everything about it, the characters, their relationships and bonds, and the plot and setting were all perfect for me. I would entirely reccommend this book to absolutely anyone who wants a captivating read which drags you through all emotions possible!

Abi.. xo

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  1. Yayaayayay, you do realise we couldn't be your friend anymore if you didn't LOVE this book :D

    LOVE XxxxX