Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bookish Purchase... KINDLE 3G!!

Attending a University doing a course in English Lit and not owning a Kindle whilst all my friends do has been nothing short of painful for me for the past few weeks.. I managed to persuade my boyfriend to buy me the Kinde wi-fi for Christmas. But, luckily for me, the lovely boy that he is, he decided it would be a good idea, both financially and practically if he bought it and gave me my little Kindle well before Christmas.. so, here it is accompanied by my lovely purple cushioned case...

Instead of the Kindle wi-fi, in the end he decided he wanted to get me the 3G one, I wasn't really bothered either way as long as it was the keyboard edition so I welcomed it with open arms!

I can hands down say, I am entirely in LOVE with my new gift, to be honest I dont know how I ever coped before! It's my new baby, it literally comes everywhere with me and I simply cannot put it down!

For anyone out there thinking of buying one, I would absolutely say do it! Without a doubt if you are a big reader then you will adore this as much as I do, and it is 100% worth every penny!

So.. go get yours... quickkk! :)

Abi.. xo

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