Thursday, 23 February 2012

Building Blocks of Books.. Blog Hop!

This is the first week of a new weekly blog hop hosted by Gemma over on Passion for Novels. Each week there will be a question for us to answer about how a book has changed an aspect of our lives...

This week the question is...

A Book that made you feel brilliant after having a really tough few days/weeks

To answer this I'm going to choose a book I'm sure EVERYONE in the reading world has heard about over and over again (so I apologise in advance if you're sick of hearing about it, but I'm a massive fan!) it is... The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Now, it was actually Gemma (at Passion for Novels) who introduced me to this trilogy, and I had put off reading the first one for ages - mainly because it was around the same time as my first assignments for semester one for university were being finished so I didn't really have the time to indulge in reading just for my own pleasure! But, the second I had handed in the assessment's on deadline day I grabbed my Kindle and started this book... and finished it within about 48 hours!

I literally loved it, for me it was the perfect book at the perfect time, I'd had a crazy couple of weeks trying to get all of my university work in order and up to scratch for hand in and I was really stressed, but this story just literally managed to let me escape! I was glued to my Kindle and the second I had finished it I read the other two in very quick succession! So, The Hunger Games pretty much fell into my lap at the perfect time, when I desperately needed something that would take my mind completely away from all the stresses of the past few weeks, and this book was really perfect for this!

So, if any of you out there have somehow avoided reading these books up until now.. go and read them! They really are truly inspirational and pretty much all consuming, I'm warning you, once you pick up the first one, you'll have difficulty functioning until you have finished all three!

If you want to take part in this brand new blog hop then head on over to Passion for Novels for the details!

Abi.. x

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wishlist Wednesday #4

Wishlist Wednesday is a weekly blog hop hosted over on Pen to Paper in which we post about a book that we have on our wishlist - either one we've just discovered or one we've had our eyes on for a while!

This week I've chosen...

Skin Deep by Laura Jarratt - Goodreads Synopsis...

Ugly people don't have feelings. They're not like everyone else. They don't notice if you stare at them and turn away. And if they did notice, it wouldn't hurt them. They're not like real people. Or that's what I used to think. Before I learned...

After the car crash that leaves her best friend dead, Jenna is permanently scarred. She struggles to rebuild her life, but every stare in the street, every time she looks in the mirror, makes her want to retreat further from the world. Until she meets Ryan. Ryan's a traveller. When he and his mother moor their narrow boat on the outskirts of a village, she tells him this time it will be different. He doesn't believe her; he can't imagine why this place shouldn't be as unwelcoming as the rest. Until he meets Jenna. But as Jenna and Ryan grow closer, repercussions from the crash continue to reverberate through the community. And then a body is found...

I found a review of this book over on Books for Company and immediately fell in love with the idea of the story, I think it sounds fabulous and immediately wanted to read it! Unfortunately for me it isn't due for release until March 5th this year, looks like I'm going to have to wait for it... make it more special when I finally get my hands on it though! ;)

What would your Wishlist Wednesday be?

Abi.. x