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The Earth Hums in B Flat by Mari Strachan.. REVIEW

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Goodreads Synopsis:

Every night, 12-year-old Gwenni Morgan flies in her sleep. She leaves the bed she shares with her sister and soars into the night sky, listening to the nighttime sounds of her small Welsh village below. Irrepressible Gwenni -- a dreamer full of unanswerable questions and unbounded curiosity -- is childlike yet touchingly adult. Reluctantly facing a modern world, she prefers her nightly flights to school and her chores. Blessed with the uncommon insight of a young girl, Gwenni's view of the world is unparalleled.
I am going to start this review by saying simply that I thought this book was fantastic. In all the books I have read I can honestly say that I don't think I have ever read one quite like this. I knew that I would like it straight away from reading the synopsis! Wales is perhaps my favourite place in the world, and a very special place to me, so when I realised this book was set in rural Wales I immediately knew that the environment of the plot would be perfect for me. I was right. The twisty lanes, and scenic countryside and fields that Gwenni explores during the novel were - for me - captivating. Not only this, but they made the twists of the plot itself immediately more mysterious in such a remote setting.

Gwenni was a brilliant character, constructed in what I thought was a really interesting way. Her innocence was always apparent, but as a reader I never felt that she was in any way 'silly' or excessively naive. In certain situations, the reader is fully aware of more sinister occurings, but Gwenni is constantly polite and lovably ignorant of the issue - particularly with Mrs. Evans early on in the novel. I think it was Gwenni's conviction and determination to be nothing but herself despite the dominating nature of characters like her Mother, Bethan and Alwenna that made me feel such a connection to her, not necessarily a pathetic connection - I did feel sorry for her but I didn't feel pity if you understand what I mean? - but more of an admiration for her sense of self.

Ultimately, underneath the magical nature of Gwenni's character and the enchanting setting, the plot and the mystery involved in it was incredibly gripping. The overlapping mysteries that Strachan has weaved together were constantly keeping me on my toes, from the situation with Mr. Evans, to Gwenni's Mother's condition, to the fox and it's life giving eyes.. I just found myself completely enveloped in this novel and literally couldn't put it down! I finished it in two short sittings in the space of 48 hours! The only downside I can say is that the Welsh names are sometimes difficult to get used to, however, I am extremely fond of everything Welsh! So for me it was all part of the fun of the book, all part of the experience!

I would definately reccomend this book to anyone who wants an enthralling and magical read!

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  1. She's back!!!
    Yay, love this review also I really want to read this book! on my wishlist :-)


  2. Finally - another blog post! :D

    I absolutely adored The Earth Hums in B Flat - I think I rated it 4 stars.
    It's something different from the usual books written by British authors.

    I have Mari Strachan's second novel, Blow on a Dead Man's Embers to read, too which I think will be amazing! xxx